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Grants are monetary awards made by foundations, government agencies, corporations or other entities most often to a nonprofit organization with a 501c3 designation. The grant writing process requires thought, organization, attention to detail and the ability to follow specific instructions.  The grant must be a clear description of what you plan to do, why you want to do it, how you know there is a need, how much it will cost, how you plan to determine your success and how you will measure your outcomes.  The grant proposal must be organized and communicated in a way that is compelling, and demonstrates your passion and understanding of the problem you are trying to address. 


Our grant writing workshop teaches you the basics and mechanics of effective grant writing and responds to the strong call for new leaders with the capability to acquire funding for organizational growth, development and sustainability.  You will learn how to write grants and how to build relationships with funders, which is vital to acquiring funding. 

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