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NTL Leaders of Color Coaching Initiative 

The role of the nonprofit leader is to create an environment where people are able to live more satisfying, more autonomous, and more productive lives.  To do this effectively it requires leaders to use themselves as instruments of change at both the systemic and individual levels. This requires not only an intellectual understanding of the systemic challenges of racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism and other isms but also deep insight into, and the courage to address, the personal legacy each of us has inherited from these cultural ideologies. Leaders must be able to use their heads, hearts and spirits. Unfortunately, the work of leading a nonprofit often leaves little time or financial resources to address these competencies. Therefore, for this project NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science hosts cohorts of leaders and offer a transformative professional development experience at little or no cost.  


The Leaders of Color Coaching Initiative, utilizes coaching and an experiential methodology in a safe and supportive learning environment to enable participants to envision, develop and successfully implement strategies for creating transformative change at the community, systemic and individual level.  Coaching consists of 6 hours for each participant over a period of six months and addresses the specific needs or challenges each leader faces in the implementation of their work.  At two points during this project we convene focus groups with the leaders to learn the impact and value of this project on their work. Prior to the coaching relationship the cohort participates in a two day workshop where they learn about themselves through the process of self-discovery, receive in the moment feedback from fellow participants, work with learning partners and skill groups to clarify goals and develop action plans for increased competence and confidence.  Following the workshop each leader completes an assessment form so we can match them with the coach that best suits their individual needs. 


NTL is a non-profit organization of 300 members who live and work as scholars and consultants. The mission of NTL is to advance Applied Behavioral Science (ABS) in the service of social justice, oppression-free societies, healthy individuals, groups, and organizations in the world. We use the methodology of experiential learning and group dynamics.  NTL has a vast history of helping its training participants realize their personal and professional potential to be change leaders and build cohesive action groups. NTL possesses the full range of social science knowledge and expertise to examine underlying values, assumptions, biases and beliefs anticipated in social change projects. 


Visit NTL's website to learn more about their work and how to apply to the program.

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