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Highlighted Projects

Women's Reentry Initiative
Washington, DC

Reentry is decidedly one of the most important strategies available to support men and women following a period of incarceration. The work of transition and reentry is critical for women seeking to rebuild their lives and overlaps with the interests and mandates of many public agencies, community organizations, victims, offenders, and their families.  Consultants for Change consults with organizations working with women as they rebuild their lives. 

Leaders of Color Coaching Initiative (NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science)

Through this coaching initiative NTL offers a transformative professional development experience at minimal cost to the leader. NTL coaches use an experiential methodology in a safe and supportive learning environment to enable participants to: Give voice to otherwise unexpressed thoughts and emotions, thereby enhancing their self-awareness and service to their constituency and develop and articulate a vision for building just and inclusive communities.



Practitioner Workshops
Washington, DC

Our workshops respond to the strong call for nonprofits and nonprofit leaders with the capability to lead in ever-changing business environments with clear vision and to foster a motivated, productive workforce committed to achieving the organizations’ mission and competitive advantage. 



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